Health Insurance for International Students Domestic/Abroad

Thousands of students and other educational professionals travel internationally each year. These travelers experience both the educational benefit and the thrill of studying outside of their native country. To protect against unforeseen events that could result in long-term financial hardship, Strategic Benefits Group can provide an insurance program to fit the needs of international students, teachers and faculty.

Non-U.S. Citizens: This includes international students, visiting faculty, scholars or other persons age 13 and older who are temporarily residing outside their home country. The insured must remain engaged in full-time educational or research activities outside their home country during the period of coverage.

Education or research activities shall mean the insured: 1) is enrolled and participating in an educational, vocational, cultural exchange or training program; and 2) has a valid J-1, H-3, F, M or Q Visa.

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Liason’s Student International Medical Coverage